Compressport Racing Socks V2.1 Low cut

Compressport Racing Socks V2.1 Low cut

In over the years of research & development and cutting edge technology packed, created the must have foot accessory for any serious endurance athlete - the Compressport Racing Socks V2.1 Run Socks- Low Cut offers extreme comfort and improved blood circulation and biomechanical advantages.

Already packed with race proven technologies, the newer version of Compressport Racing Socks V2.1 Run Socks- Low Cut offers added benefits and improved performance.

  • More improve and stronger Ventilation Zones
  • Guarantees 100% Seamless Toe Box


Ventilation Mesh:

The new mesh surrounding the ankle, top of the foot and toes gives your foot the feeling of lightness and freshness. By eliminating moisture and humidity faster makes the compression sock more breathable thus the foot will not overheat, prevent blisters and fungal infections which have been modified to add ergonomy and strength.

Seamless Toe Box:

The Compressport Racing Socks V2.1 Run Socks- Low Cut innovates once again by adding    100% Seamless Toe Box which prevents any friction or blisters and add more comfort in your run.


Archstim Support - Placed on the plantar arch, compression band elasticity offers several aids: Activation of blood circulation, support your posture while walking/running/biking and optimal arch reinforcement. Also provides more comfort, breathability and flexibility with its new ultra-ergonomic design mixed with ventilation zone.

AC-Pressurice – Designed massaging acupressure for activating blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area

Achilles Protection – With cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTs at the rear of the sock free the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure

Arch – Location of the arch in the foot facilitates venous return and recovery

ERGO Fit- Toe piece design covers the toes without creasing, compressing or smothering the foot, leaves the toes free and not squashed together

Shock Absorber – 360 degree compression reduces the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins and joints

Thermo-Aeration – Air enters the product prevents your sole from overheating during effort

Hemless – Seamless and not elastic, the upper part of the compression sock does not compress the leg thus release the pressure in that area


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