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Powerful, rechargeable and form-fitting, the Bilby Headlamp from Knog takes hands-free lighting to a new level with this innovative design.

This unique design is comprised of a USB rechargeable pod and a comfy and adjustable medical-grade silicone strap which weighs only 90g. With 400 lumens in total from the 5 optimally placed LEDs that include a high beam for visibility, a red light for nighttime, 2 downlights for reading, elliptical beams for mid and wide angles downlights, plus a boost mode – so all your bases are covered. You can also customise the lighting to your own needs using the Modemaker app, and it’s waterproof and dustproof to IP67 should get caught out in bad weather.

For recharging, pop out the pod and plug it directly into a USB-A port for four hours, control it by the 2 intuitive buttons and adjust the strap length with the toggle. Designed for performance and comfort in demanding situations, the Bilby Headlamp from Knog is ideal for serious adventurers.

  • Unique removable pod chassis & medical grade silicone strap
  • 400 lumens of light controlled by 2 intuitive buttons
  • IP67 dustproof and waterproof to 1m
  • 5 optimally placed LEDs – high beam, 2 elliptical beams, red light & downlights
  • Customisable lighting settings via Knog’s Modemaker app
  • Pod plugs directly into a USB-A port, recharging in just 4 hours
  • Strap is easy to clean and adjustable from 300-660mm
  • Weighs just 90 grams