Orca 3.8 Wetsuit Mens

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Orca Men's 3.8 Enduro Wetsuit is ideal for the progressive swimmer or triathlete that needs a buoyancy boost! This wettie is equipped with Aerodome technology which means there are hundreds of air pockets in the neoprene giving you a 30% boost in buoyancy. 

The core lateral stabiliser system and high elbow panel technology also work to help you keep good form for longer when tired and minimise twisting across the body. These features are perfect for the athlete looking for a boost when fatigued. 

Orca Men's 3.8 Enduro Wetsuit Features: 

  • High Elbow Panel Technology: Gives stability and helps to elevate elbow with every stroke. Does not limit flexibility.  
  • Core Lateral Stabiliser: A system of panels in the lower body of the wettie that minimises    twisting and blocking your core. 
  • Aerodome Technology: Hundreds of air pockets that are between the neoprene giving 30% more buoyancy. 
  • Exo-Cell Technology: Low-density material through the lower front panel of the wetsuit to give further buoyancy by elevating legs to a horizontal position.
  • Flexibility: 1.5-mm 40-cell neoprene has been strategically placed in the shoulders for maximal movement and minimal load. 
  • Zero-Chafe: Comfortable lining on the neck prevents chafe. 
  • Yamamoto 39-cell SCS coating: Found on the lower leg panels to reduce friction and in turn increase speed. 
  • HydroLite: For fast transitions.