Recoverite R100M Calf Sleeve Kit

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1. Scientifically designed ‘SuperTube1.0’ (ST1.0) compression technology:

a. Recoverite products are mastered using state of the art manufacturing technology and the highest quality fabric and flat stitch to ensure high grade compression.

2. ‘Ice-otonic Pocket System 1.0’ – (IPS1.0) muscular pocketplacement system:

a. Scientifically positioned, ice pocket placement system ensures maximum durability, muscle and ice-pack stability and comfort, and oxygen return for the optimal ice-compression recovery.

3. High levels of Comfort – a quality unique blend of nylon and lycra material with non-slip silicon elastic waste band, and breathable ice pocket panels, finished with moisture wicking dri fit technology ensures a comfortable experience with UV protection.

4. Slimline Series ‘ClayaFlex™’ for custom fit, targeted muscle icing, for iciing on the go. No bulky blocks of ice just streamline muscle hugging, contoured clay mouldable icing comfort.

5. Recoverite ice compression systems are made from the highest quality compression materials based on scientific research and expert design from industry experts in endurance sports.