Skin Slick

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SKIN SLICK is the only continuous, aerosol spray, lubricant to prevent chafing and blisters during any form of physical activity. SKIN SLICK is 100% water proof and sweat proof so one single
spray to the area of concern will give you protection for the entire day. SKIN SLICK is clear, odourless and still allows your skin to breathe during activity.

Tested and approved by active people and athletes worldwide, SKIN SLICK sprays on evenly with NO squishy, wet, greasy feeling. Following rave reviews worldwide, SKIN SLICK is becoming the #1 product to prevent blisters, chafing and friction.

  • Prevents chafing from equipment – wetsuits, backpacks, strapping etc
  • Prevents blisters
  • 100% water proof & sweat proof for hours of protection
  • Only removed with soapy water
  • Safe on all fabrics
  • Combats chamois chafing
  • Clear, odourless spray – silky texture
  • Spray application is hygienic to share
  • Lightweight & portable for endurance athletes & travel

Prevent all body chafing - bra line, inner thigh, underarm, nipples
SKIN SLICK is perfect for: runners, plus size, cycling, triathlon, skiing, hockey, scuba, soccer, tennis, football, hiking, trekkers, ultra-runners, walkers, all sports, and anyone who has ever developed a blister or skin chafing from any form of activity.